Integra* T (Integrity)Foundation
Benin America AGOA Partnership&AIDS Conference (BAAPAC)April 2005

Progress Report
As of today, March 8, 2004, the Integra* T Foundation has been diligently seeking financial support for the Benin-America AGOA Partnership & AIDS Conference to be held in Benin, West Africa in April 2005.

Though the conference is scheduled to be held in just over a year's time, there is much preparation that needs to be taken care of. The success of the conference and AIDS music concert depends on the assistance Integra* T Foundation receives from grants, donations and contributions.

We have sent out many requests for help from a variety of Foundations dedicated to helping those in need. From the responses we have received so far, we have been applauded for our mission, but we have yet to find any financial assistance. GolfTest USA has generously donated staff and facilities that have enabled us to get this far, but even the resources we have received from them is limited.

Please review this website to familiarize yourself with the vision we have to help African businesses and AIDS victims to overcome the burdens they face in their lives.

You can become an integral part of this effort with any commitment you may have to offer.

Thank you, from the staff of Integra* T Foundation.
GolfTest USA has been an integral part of the beginning stages of organizing the Benin-America AGOA Partnership & AIDS Conference (BAAPAC). Their donation of facilities and staff has been a solid foundation to get this project on the right path to success.
"Here at GolfTest USA, we are honored to be such an important influence on organizing BAAPAC. We are proud to be a part of the Benin-America AGOA Partnership & AIDS Conference, which we know will have a great impact on the advancement in African business and AIDS relief."
The World Research Foundation is an international non-profit organization with its headquarters in America and branches in other locations around the world.

It is the preeminent source for information on illnesses and therapies used around the world.

The World Research Foundation enthusiastically supports the vision of Integra* T Foundation for its efforts to improve business & trade opportunities between America and Africa. Integra* T Foundation is also focused on bringing more resources to fight the devastating AIDS pandemic ravaging 30 million humans across the African continent.
"We strongly endorse the Benin-America AGOA Partnership & AIDS Conference (BAAPAC) that Integra*T Foundation will conduct in Cotonou, Benin, in April 2005. We also endorse their efforts to conduct the 'Shining Hope on Africa' music concert that will be held in conjunction with the BAAPAC conference in Benin, West Africa."


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