Integra T Youth Golf Foundation        
         For some time now GolfTest USA has donated golf club sets to youth golf programs around the country. We determined that there is a still greater need for golf equipment by the many youth golf programs. Therefore GolfTest USA formed the Integra T Youth Golf Foundation in 2001.

The mission of the Integra T Youth Golf Foundation is to insure that American youth golf programs have the equipment they need so that any youth in America will be able to participate in the game of golf regardless of their financial status or access to golf equipment.

Effective February, 2004 100% of all the proceeds from the GolfTest USA Pro Shop will go directly to fund the Integra T Youth Golf Foundation. GolfTest USA is committed to doing everything it can to insure that all American youth will have the opportunity to learn and participate in the great game of golf. We believe that all young people who play golf learn important lessons in life that will help prepare them as they move into adulthood and become productive citizens in American society.

We need your help. We encourage anyone who would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Integra T Youth Golf Foundation to do so. 100% of donations go directly to providing golf equipment to American youth golf programs.

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